New publication of Scenario 2

Dear readers,
You will find publications, in the scenario “Sherley Sherly and the Seven Wonders of the World” in November and December 11.

SYNOPSIS SCENARIO N°2: l’Artémision d’Ephèse N°12 part 3.

Here’s an excerpt:

“In the residence of the architect, Alejandro Capuchin.
The musician, Soleily Del Amontes, understood the need to attract the attention of the architect. She approached him.

– Mr. Capuchin, I want to talk about the method.

Before he meets him, he gestured toward his office, pressed a button. The three girls of the Wesss heard a strange noise. (…)

Then, the architect stared squeezing the object, and disappeared behind a partition.
– It was locked! Cried Lucie Richard, putting his arms in front of her.
Sherley Sherly took a few steps, and suddenly stumbled over an unexpected obstacle.
(…) ”


Scenario No. 2 continues.
Thank you for your loyalty.

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