Scenario 3. Sherley Sherly. Article 2: The high-tech spy

Hi. You can now read a new article 2 entitled: The high-tech spy

Here is an excerpt:

“Soleily Del Amontes finished to weave a long braid, and ordered a soda.
Firzy joined in the hugging. Sherley Sherly beaming, placed a small red hoop around his curly hair and sat beside Bikerman, noting.
– My friends the new choreography is here now.
Then she questioned them.

So you’re the new Lucy?

– Come to our reserved table, said the mayor’s daughter embarrassed.
– Deborah, you we mounted our orders? Bikerman asked the barmaid.
– Why not go in the room Vendome? Sherley inquired who saw beyond the group stage.

– Uh! We no longer have access, said abruptly Garden.

– And why not?

– The accountant forgot to pay the bill for rent, Fabrice Garden said, shaking his head.

– Forget? No he did knowingly! Said, Soleily Del Amontes.
They went quietly in the library Ixagora and settled for their weekly debriefing.
– Sherley, I have some bad news to tell you. I think the complex horizon cybercafé is pending closure.

A silence fell over the group.” (…)

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