The vigil of Pa ANGEL No.6 The strange phenomenon

Dear readers,
Here is the reading of the chapter of the new fantastic vigil.

“The incredible command of Raoul Brodequin over Vichy”, entitled: The strange phenomenon


Here is an excerpt:
 ” Children applauded.
– Zot-lè Following the vigil? Asked the old man in Creole.
– Yes Pa, participants responded.
– Y-e-Cric ! Angel cried Pa
– Y-e-Crac! Replied guests.
– As we go! said Pa Angel.
Ti-Coeur looked for a long time the new neighbor. It gave him the creeps. It is installed on a wooden chair near an oil lamp, and had pulled from his pocket a small notebook.
– What can he register? Asked Ti-Coeur, when Valentin Lambrisque making him a call shoulder.
– I do not know, but it is not clear that Mr. Rabiot.
– Here is the result of the vigil continued Pa Angel suddenly showing finger Cannelle Cokar.
– She had beautiful braids like you!
– Oh! The child got scared, and hiding behind Corentyne Cleves Vallier.”

The vigil is in the site of Ti-Coeur Angel series:

Thank you for your loyalty.


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