Sherley Sherly. Scenario 3. Trapped in the Think up Zen

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Here is the first part of an article 6 on the series Sherley Sherly, entitled: Trapped in the Think up Zen


Here is an extract:

The meeting between Kitty Bloom and Yann Cunningham promised tough. The young woman had need of his services. She had worn her charm and he had dark, had fallen in love with her, and she had betrayed her.
She had cried wolf. He rushed and was caught in a trap. Now she began again and this time, the danger was imminent for her. How would she be able to cope? She had deceived the group and had infiltrated (…) She had slipped through the pipes by unscrewing a panel. She was trapped in a place where no one had the right to enter.
The complex had been strengthened. We had told him not to enter where she had not been invited. His curiosity was exceeded. Now she risked her life.
She had seen no guards, no camera, she who knew the security systems by heart. (…)
Why had he ever invited to enter the complex? (…)
She went to his mobile phone which had slipped in a corner, and dialed a number. After five rings, a voice answered.
– Hello, this is not a time to call! Cunningham said, and watched three hours snap his alarm clock.
– Hi, it’s me Yann, Kytty Bloom.
– I do not know of Kytty! Cried, the angry wesseur.


The publication article n°5 of SYNOPSIS of the scenario 3: “Sherley Sherly & the Lydia of Gold Price”, in the site:

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