Nice harmony of life. Poetic Letter

Dear readers,

Here is, before the holidays, the last poetic letter called: nice harmony of life.


Nice harmony of life


Nice harmony of life.

Peace of heart
Reveling in bliss
A source of revivals
Forgot outright lies
Destructive projects
Which often prowled
Opening the window of life
Misfortune slowly evaporates
Gradually the truth appears
The ideas of the future
Just as a good purr
On the cat, who agree (…)

The rest of this new poetic letter is on the site of poetry: The free thoughts

I will return in a few weeks, with the finalization of writing projects for publications.

Much thanks for your loyalty.
“Dear readers, I recommend a very interesting link: »


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10 replies

  1. So lovely. The cat, room and decorations look so pretty and festive.

  2. This is beautiful!

  3. Thank you, Joëlle, have a nice holiday,

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